These Animals Have Found Their Twins… And Somehow, They’re Even Fuzzier!!

There’s nothing cuter than when my little Maltese puppy waits for me by the door to come home from work. Nothing, except maybe finding a brother or sister that looks exactly the same as my little baby. Finding a sibling (or clone) of my furry BFF would be difficult, but what if I could find a stuffed animal to act as an exact double? Would that do the trick?

After seeing these 25 pups and their stuffed doubles, the answer is a decided YES.

1.) Sleepy pup time.

2.) Is it just me, or is mini-me getting a little plump?

3.) Suspicious, are we?


5.) I can’t tell which loves their doggy snoozes more.

6.) Which guard dog do you fear more?

7.) This kitten isn’t buying it.

8.) Let’s play a little Where’s Waldo.

9.) March of the (Stuffed) Penguins.

10.) Looks like we have a party crasher here.

11.) Kicked his mini-me to the curb. Figures.

12.) And both little piggies went to market…

13.) “When do I get to be little spoon?”

14.) At least they both know how to sit.

15.) “I asked for a little brother, and I got… this?!”

16.) OMG@ That’s a cute factor of 10.

17.) Love is in the air. Do we dare tell him the truth?

18.) Star Wars, eat your heart out.

19.) Wait, is that a new best friend?

20.) We’re going to make you an offer you can’t refuse.

21.) I didn’t think a corgi could get any cuter.

22.) You nailed it. Spitting image.

23.) It’s like they’re sisters.

24.) The eyes, the EYES!

25.) Merry Christmas, or at least it will be soon!

(via Distractify)

My personal cuteness quota for the day is in the red! I don’t think I can handle any more…. except for maybe going through the pictures again. Just once more…

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