If You’ve Never Seen Mother Nature’s Fury In action…It’s About Time You Did.

Back on August 29th, Papua New Guinea’s Mount Tavurvur Volcano erupted in fantastic display. It’s rare to see something like this so up close and personal, but thanks to a couple of tourists now we can. This video was captured by Australian couple Phil and Linda McNamara. 

The video starts out normally enough with footage of the coastline from a boat. Then suddenly: 


The explosion was so powerful that it caused a sonic boom, which you can hear in the video. You can also see the shock wave it creates. As the eruption continues, a plume of smoke and ash slowly snakes its up into the atmosphere.

Here’s the full video of the eruption.

If there’s one thing to learned here, it’s that Mother Nature should be feared as much as she is loved. Just imagine if that happened near a big city? It would be utterly devastating. 

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