Even the Biggest Google Fanboy Doesn’t Know About These Genius Products.

When a company is creating self-driving cars and computers you can wear on your face, it’s easy for other products and services to fly under the radar. Even if those products are super cool, they need promotion to be noticed. As it turns out, Google is creating software that can identify any song that’s playing around you or make something as stressful as planning a wedding seem easy as clicking a mouse. Unfortunately, most people didn’t know about them.

Google has a bevy of great products and services that even their biggest fans might not be aware of. Take a look at some of the best, least-known ones out there.  

1.) Google Sound Search


Using your computer or phone’s microphone, Google Sound Search can help you find out what song is playing.

2.) Panoramio


Panoramio uses Google Maps to share public photos posted by your fellow users based on their location.

3.) Google Shopping Express


Get your electronics, clothes, or whatever it is you feel like ordering ASAP with Google Shopping Express.

4.) Plan Your Wedding With Google


Google makes it easy to plan a wedding by helping you find venues, caters, and more.

5.) Think Insights


Google’s digital cheat sheet that allows marketers to see what to expect in their industry in the coming months.

6.) Google nGrams


Search for words and see how often they were used in different works throughout the years.

7.) Google Fonts


Free fonts for you to use.

8.) Google Input Tools


Type in a bevy of different languages without having to buy a new keyboard.

9.) Google Translate


A free language translator that even has a function for translating symbols.

10.) Google Topics


See the ups and downs of a certain topic’s popularity over time.

11.) Google Keep


Google Keep is a great reminder app that will keep you on top of your to-do list.

12.) =english


See how to say large numbers out loud by adding “=english” after the figure.

13.) Google Timer


Set a timer just by opening your browser and typing “(amount of time) timer” into Google.

14.) Google Art Project


Check out high resolution versions of some of the best art the world has to offer.

15.) Google Sky


Explore space just how you traveled across the world on your computer via Google Earth.

16.) Google Scholar


If you’re a college student, be sure to take advantage of all of the professional journals and papers Google has available for you to peruse for free.

17.) Google Swiffy


Converts SWF files to HTML5.

18.) Google Trends


Keep your finger on the pop culture post with Google Trends.

(via Business Insider)

Whoa. These are really cool. It seems like the only thing Google can’t do is make a good case for ever using Bing.

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