The Unbelievable, Awesome Ways Music Can Affect Your Health And Happiness

Music is one of the most essential things in human life. I can’t imagine a world without music or rhythm to help me get through the day. Researchers and scientists have been trying to find the benefits of listening to music and, lo and behold, music actually has quite an amazing effect on our bodies and our health.

1.) It aids in meditation.

Slow music can make your brainwaves slow down to the rate that they would while meditating or hypnotized.

2.) It makes you eat healthier.

Playing music in the background while eating helps you slow down the feeding process, which in turn makes you more mindful about what you are eating.

3.) It helps blood vessels.

Music can help the flow of blood in your body. The emotions you have while listening to music really gets the blood pumping and flowing at a healthy rate.

4.) It helps you sleep.

Listening to classical music has been proven to help insomnia, especially with college students.

5.) It helps you get in touch with yourself.

A 2013 study showed that the participants felt more self-aware while listening to music.

6.) It helps performance in high pressure situations.

It’s obvious that A-Rod could’ve used some music while at the plate in the playoffs. Fast music can help you fight stress before a high-pressure experience- an important game, for example.

7.) It improves cognitive functions.

Playing background music while working on tasks that need your mental focus can boost your performance.

8.) It helps people recover from surgery.

Research has shown that playing music before and after can help relieve the stress in patients and can help them recover faster due to the relaxation.

9.) It helps relieve pain.

It activates sensory pathways that fight pain pathways and takes a person’s attention away from the pain.

10.) It helps with anxiety.

Music has the same affect on the brain as a massage does when people are feeling anxious.

11.) It helps relieve stress.

Research has shown that music stimulates biochemical stress reducers which helps us feel more relaxed.

12.) It helps you recover faster after a workout.


If you are listening to your favorite music while and after you work out, it greatly increases performance and results.

13.) It fights depression.

The genre of music is key with this one. Classical and meditation music can boost your mood when you are feeling down, but listening to heavy metal or techno music won’t help much.

14.) It helps with stroke recovery.

A study of stroke victims showed that when they listened to music for 2 hours a day, their recovery times were faster and it helped improve verbal and attention functions as well.

15.) It helps runners and bikers.

College students conducted a research study and the results showed that people who rode stationary bicycles were able to work harder while they were listening to fast music compared to those who weren’t listening to any music during the experiment. Music has also been shown to improve the times of runners and can even help their endurance.

The evidence is quite conclusive that music plays a bigger role in our lives than most people even understand. If you have good music, turn it up and get jiggy with it, for your health!

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