These Ads Redefine Clever Advertising. I’d Buy Every Single Product, Wow.

A clever ad that gets your attention and keeps your attention is truly a thing of beauty. In our modern world, we’re bombarded by terrible low quality ads that are just annoying. Marketers could learn a lesson from some of these clever ads. Not only are they compelling, but they are creative on so many levels. You’re going to be blown away.

1.) Cuts right to the heart of the matter.

2.) Read more, and change who you are.

3.) Reduce, reuse, recycle.

4.) Wow. Makes you think.

5.) This one is hilariously clever.

6.) I’m sold. If only I could get BBC from my cable provider.

7.) I want to enroll in this school.

8.) Demonstrating the power of your product.

9.) That looks very secure.

10.) The electric cars are taking over.

11.) A visual demonstration of what happens when you tailgate. Quite effective.

12.) This would freak me out if I was walking down the street at night.

13.) Ahh yes, much funnier.

14.) Marketing perfection.

15.) I’m not saying Burger King is better than MacDonald’s, I’m just raising the issue.

16.) Turkeys are a lot meaner than you’d think.

17.) One does not simply create a boring advertisement.

18.) Wonderful.

19.) Reminding you that ketchup actually contains vegetables…sorta.

20.) Now that is some healthy digestion.

Via: Ultralinx


Now if only all marketers were this creative, and/or used that ability for good. It would be a very different world indeed. 

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