The Art One Kid Can Create by Doodling is Unbelievable. He’s a Genius.

When you’re bored in class, at work or in life, doodling can be a fun and creative way to occupy your time. Peruse any of my old notebooks and you’d see a multitude of doodles and marginalia throughout. No matter how detailed, they wouldn’t hold a candle to what this kid can do.

An 11-year-old named Dušan Krtolica has created doodles that will drop your jaw. They’re not even doodles so much as they’re artistic sketches.


I’ve tried to draw dinosaurs before, but never anything this awesome (and biologically accurate.)

A sketch of a flurry of ornithological activity by the ocean-side.

A jungle scene full of fine detail. The fun of some of these sketches is seeing what you can find when you really look.

He shows the amount of activity above and below the surface of the ocean in this sketch using a cross-section.

I could stare at this one for hours.

The amount of detail put into this creepy-crawly sketch is incredible.

Ocean Life: See if you can count how many different sea creatures are in this one sketch.

Here, he creates an interesting sketch by playing with perspective.

Here’s a picture of Dušan Krtolica in the midst of composing a sketch. So that’s how he gets all those little details in there!

Dušan with another one of his completed and amazing sketches.


This kid inspires me to make my doodles better than I ever imagined. 

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