I Used To Think Playing With Your Food Was Disgusting. I Was Wrong.

Before you tell your kids not to play with their food for the millionth time, you’ve got to check out the art of Ida Frosk. Using her plate as a canvas and her breakfast as paint, Frosk creates these wonderful images that, in addition to being cute, look like healthy and delicious ways to start your day. Take a look!  

“Dino-mite Breakfast” – (bread, cheese, bell pepper, olive, spring onion)

“The Searious Sea Crab” – (watermelon, apple, dried blueberry, kiwi, almond flour)

“The Scalloping Seahorse” – (pineapple, yogurt, dried blueberry, kiwi, almond flour)

“King of the Sand Castle” – (yogurt, biscuit, strawberry)

“Happy Breakfast” – (pancakes, Nutella, jam, yogurt, peach, dried blueberry)

“Sandwich-o-saurus” – (bread, peanut butter, banana, kiwi)

“Seas the Day, Go and Play” – (bread, cream cheese, bell pepper, strawberries, apple, clementine, dried blueberry)

“The Tyrannosaurus Wrecks It All” – (bread, pesto, cucumber, basil, carrots, grapes, cucumber)

“Toadily Hoppy Breakfast” – (apple, pancakes, raisins, yogurt)

“Cold Breakfast” – (bread, cheese, olives, carrots)

“Funny Tasting Clown” – (pancake, yogurt, jam, raspberries, clementine, blueberries)

“The Egging Cat” – (bread, hard-boiled egg, cream cheese, pumpkin seeds, raisins, cucumber)

“Sandwich Castle” – (bread, cream cheese, gherkins, carrots, crisp bread, carrots, celery)

“Amedeo” – (toast, watermelon, hazelnut butter, plum, mango, cheese, apricot jam, Nutella, cranberry, coconut)

“American Gothic
“American Gothic” – (toast, ricotta, prunes, dates, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, sugar peas, kiwi)

(via Marvelous)

For more from Frosk, follow her on Instagram @IdaFrosk and buy her book Eat Your Art Out, which is available on Amazon. Oh, and if you must try your hand at this artistically playing with your food thing, make sure you’ve washed said hand first.

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