I Have Bad News. Every Day, You’re Ingesting These Disgusting Things. EW.

There’s no way to sugar coat this one… literally. Everyday you’re eating stuff that’s probably teaming with insects. How is that possible you say? It’s because the all-seeing FDA has certain “limits” on the appropriate number of insects in your food. And let’s just say it’s no where close to zero. 

That’s right. Your food is allowed to have insects in it.

1.) Thrips

Legally allowed in apple butter, canned or frozen asparagus, frozen broccoli, and frozen Brussels sprouts, they can grow to an 1/8 inch.

2.) Maggots

Prepare to cry. If you’ve eaten canned food, you’ve had one of these guys. In fact, 20 maggots are allowed for every 100 grams of drained mushroom, compared with between 1 and 5 for every 500 grams of tomato products.

3.) Fruit Flies

Jack Dykinga

For every 8 ounce cup of juice, you’ll get one of these. For every 8 ounces of raisins, count 35 eggs!

4.) Caterpillars

The FDA allows up to 50!!! of these in your spinach salad (larvae). Yikes!

5.) Cowpea Curculio

Eat a can of black beans and you’ll get a tasty five or more larvae.

6.) Mites

You’re basically guarenteed to eat these with some frozen veggies eventually. They’re too small to catch.

7.) Aphids

Found in many leafy vegetables, the FDA even legally allows 2,500 aphids for every 10 grams of hops in beer.

8.) Corn Earworms

The full sized adults can be picked off, but canned sweet corn will come with with the larvae, skins, and skin fragments, ALL allowed by the FDA.

(via Rodale News)

If you’ve been needing a reason to go on a diet, this is it.

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