Strange And Dangerous Neighborhoods Exist Around The World. Here Are The Weirdest.

Mr. Rogers claimed that he wanted to be everyone’s neighbor. But even he would think twice about these neighbors. Questionable hygiene, cramped quarters, and eerie inhabitants make these neighborhood undesirable destinations. Paying your neighborhood dues won’t seem so bad after seeing a few of these places. (I suddenly appreciate my homeowner’s association.)

…Though that underground city does seem pretty sweet.

1.) Kowloon Wall, Hong Kong

Before it was demolished in 1994, this home to 33,000 residents was the most densely populated area of Hong Kong and existed without any police or protective service. The only thing close to being governed was the control of the Triad gang. On top of the prolific criminal activity, the buildings themselves were not structurally sound and were prone to catching on fire.

2.) Gibsonton, Florida

This town just south of Tampa was formed by traveling “freak show” performers on their off-seasons. While most of those shows have fallen on the wayside of traveling entertainment, many descendants of folks like the Bearded Lady, Fire Eater, and other sideshow attractions still live in the town. You can even still find some remnants of amusement park rides and an exotic animal or two.

3.) Manshiyat Naser, Cairo

The 60,000 residents of this Cairo neighborhood are surrounded by literal trash at all times. They are known as “garbage collectors” who go from door to door throughout the rest of the city requesting their waste, take it home, and sort through it. Most of the items end up recycled, but they live amongst the filth in the meantime.

4.) Roswell, New Mexico

The town became a mecca for conspiracy theorists who believed the government was hiding alien lifeforms on the nearby Area 51 military base. Over the years since the supposed UFO spotting, UFO festivals, museums, and other sci-fi seeking tourist attractions popped up around town.

5.) Miyakejima, Japan

The island is home to Mount Oyama, a mountain volcano that erupted several times over the years and killed 11 people in 1940. Residents were evacuated in 2000 when 17,500 earthquakes occurred in only a month’s time. There was an eruption in 2005 and sulphuric gas continues to flow ever since. However, there are still 2,800 residents on the island who are forced to wear gas masks 24/7.

6.) The Villages, Florida

This retirement area in Florida is the premiere party spot for the over 55 crowd. Golf carts are the only vehicles allowed to be driven within the gated community, and children can visit…but not for very long. Residents seem a little too interested in hooking up than hanging out with their families, anyway. Black market Viagra and STD scares run rampant, and it has the highest level of beer consumption per capita in the entire state.

7.) Amsterdam Red Light District, Netherlands

There are several “red light” districts around the world, but Amsterdam is definitely the most infamous. The seedy section of the city offers sex shows, sex shops, and prostitutes. There are also non-sex workers who live their ordinary lives surrounded by all the scandalous activity without blinking an eye.

8.) Coober Pedy, Australia

Residents of this mining town decided to beat the heat by staying underground. Currently, over 1,900 live in the community which includes several churches and a museum. There’s also a bed and breakfast for those looking to experience the underground life for a bit themselves.

9.) Miracle Village, Florida

The residents of this village are made up entirely of convicted sex offenders. Yep, that’s right. Due to laws that restrict the offenders from living near schools and other institutions, this controversial community was created to give them somewhere to rehabilitate.

10.) Slab City, California

Three hours outside of Los Angeles (near the Mexican border) this state-owned area of the desert is promoted as a haven for RV travelers. There is no electricity or running water, which leads to some waste removal issues. The residents are artistically minded and adhere very strictly to the “Golden Rule.”

(via Reddit)

And I thought my neighbors were weird. They’ve got nothing on these places.

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