These Are The 8 Best Street Vendors In The Entire World. Who Needs A Store?

If you need something on the go, chances are these guys have it for you. If not, their incredible skill and salesmanship will likely make you forget what you wanted and direct that yearning to the things they sell, be it candy, pastries, or shoelaces. If they’re selling it, you’ll want it.

These street vendors are the best of the best. I’m not even physically near them and I can practically feel the money flying out of my wallet. Take a look at the world’s best street vendors in action below.

Banana Pastry Vendor

Produce Vendor – Bangkok, Thailand

Burger Vendor – Singapore

Shoelace Vendor – Arequipa, Peru 

Dessert Vendor – Seoul, South Korea

Crepe Vendors – Alcudia, Spain

Candy Vendor – Beijing, China

Ice Cream Vendor – Turkey

These street vendors are amazing. They’re so good, they could sell salt to the ocean.

(Maybe they’ll sell me a better joke…)

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