Human Bodies With Animal Heads Are As Horrifying As They Sound.

One major purpose of art is, quite simply, to evoke a reaction. Some art makes us happy. Some pieces make us upset. Every so often, something comes along in the art world that totally creeps everyone out.

Venice, Italy-based artist Franceso Sambo produced photographs that, for me, rank in that last category. These photographs combine animals and humans, and the results are pretty outlandish.  

A man with the head of a llama. Yeah, this is definitely giving me the creeps.

What’re you scared of, guy with a lion’s head? It’s me who’s scared of you.

Aw man, koalas are so adorable and cute. This is just terrifying.

No, just no. This is serious nightmare material.

A bison-man deep in thought. Dark, evil, demonic thought.

This one looks sad, and still vaguely creepy.

Here’s another more contemplative animal-humanoid. Very thoughtful, yet still scary.


Whether you find these as scary as I do, you have to agree they are unique and creative photographs that took serious talent to create. The fear they evoke comes from how real they look. I know I won’t be getting much sleep tonight.

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