Next Time You’re in Times Square, Look for These Hidden Secrets Everywhere.

Times Square is the number one tourist destination for those who visit New York City. But there are some things about the location that most New Yorkers don’t even know about. Times Square is home to many secrets that are right under your feet. Yes, even under all the gum and pamphlets.

1.) Times Square isn’t a square.

If you look at the Square from above, you’ll notice that it actually has more of a triangular shape since it follows along Broadway’s tilted street angle.

2.) You can find remnants of former theaters all over.

Times Square is home to so many existing theaters, but also many gutted theaters. You can find the remnants of old theaters all over, especially in souvenir shops.

3.) It’s named after the New York Times.

In 1904, The New York Times publication moved into the square, formerly known as Longacre Plaza. The nickname stuck ever since.

4.) Times Square was once filled with porn theaters and sex shops.

You’ll hear people say things like, “New York isn’t what it used to be.” They’re right, because in the 1970s and 80s, Times Square was home to many sex shops, prostitutes, and drug dealers. Yup, the tourist hub of the entire city used to be home to the derelicts of society. Don’t believe it? Watch Taxi Driver for an accurate representation.

5.) The New Year’s Day ball is stored in One Times Square.

If you go up to the roof of the Walgreens Tower at One Times Square, you can find yourself in the presence of the New Year’s Day ball.

6.) One Times Square is mostly empty.

While the One Times Square building is mostly empty, the Lehman Brothers, who purchased One Times Square in 1995, envisioned a new kind of tenant: advertisers. Instead of renting the offices inside the 25 floor building, they began retrofitting the facade with billboards. By 1997, the profits were up 400%, and the inside was empty.

7.) The New Year’s confetti has wishes written on them.

Every piece of confetti that falls from the sky on New Year’s Eve is a wish written on paper by visitors of the Times Square Visitor Center.

8.) Behind those billboard are historic works architecture.

The building at the northeast corner of Broadway and 46th Street is one of those hidden gems that even most New Yorkers were unaware of until recently. It was covered by grime, billboards, and TGI Fridays signs. But all of that changed. The façade was cleaned, the billboards and signs are gone, and the building (once the I. Miller shoe store) shines once more.

9.) You are walking on a piece of art.

Some would accurately describe Max Neuhaus as a “sound sculptor.” His installation “Times Square” below the subway ventilation grates on a slab of land between Broadway and 7th Avenues (45th & 46th Street) is a little-known attraction existing since 1977. It emits huge sounds to the select few who purposely or accidentally experience it.

The next time you’re in Times Square, be on the lookout for these fun secrets that you now know about. You can probably act as a tour guide for your family and friends. Just watch where you walk!

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