This Hospital Is Dedicated To Helping The Strangest Things (And Giving Me Nightmares).

Dolls are creepy. Add the element of paranormal and they are done right terrifying. We should burn them all.

But children like dolls. This is true. In Australia, a place called the Doll Hospital respects that and does everything they can to keep dolls from looking like they want to devour your soul.

Originally opening in 1913, the Doll Hospital is still operational, employing 12 “doll surgeons” and repairing over 200 dolls a month (so many dolls…). The adorable thing is that many of the work is done for what the hospital affectionately calls ‘big children’ or older women who want their old dolls preserved so they can gift them to their children and grandchildren. That I can get behind, as long as my mom doesn’t want to gift her old ventriloquist dummy, Larry to me. Check out the interesting, but slightly disturbing world of ‘Doll Hospital’ below. Enjoy the tour!

Instead of ever taking my broken dolls to the hospital, I think I’d rather just sit at home and not have nightmares. Click below to share these extreme creepiness with others.

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