Does a White Wedding Gown Not Suit Your Style? This Approach is Maleficent

The Disney wedding is hardly a new idea–after all, fairy tales and princesses and weddings all kind of go together. You have your awesome gown, a day completely devoted to you, and you’re marrying the person of your dreams. It’s an important life even, but it might also be a way to revisit some of those fairy tale fantasies of youth. 

Of course, princesses aren’t for everyone. Some people, even on a joyous event like a wedding, prefer something a little more…sinister. 

For brides who might like something a little darker, the bloggers and photographers at The Rebellious Brides put together a shoot of a wedding based on the popular Angelina Jolie movie, Maleficent. The colors are dark, the atmosphere brooding, and instead of a veil, the bride wears Maleficent’s iconic horned headdress (it’s called a hennin, but the way). The look is striking all around, even though it might only appeal to a certain niche. 

The invitations set a fairy-tale mood, but a slightly darker one.

Even the corsages, made with thistles, are a touch of unconventional beauty.

You’ll be a happy couple, but don’t get too giddy. You’ll ruin the mood!

Three fairy-tale looks.

A slightly brooding, but still opulent, setting is the perfect place for this off-beat wedding.

Some fairy-tale drama might ensue, but it’s all in good fun.

The bride makes a pretty memorable entrance. Good thing she was invited this time.

The baby is looking a bit suspicious about all this.

So if you’re in the market for a slightly different wedding, maybe one that eschews the traditional white gown, consider something like this. 

Via The Rebellious Brides|Elite Daily

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