Would You Be Brave Enough To Venture Across This Bridge? Not me. Nope, Nope.

In Russia, life is generally more intense than anywhere else on the planet. So, it makes sense that the scariest pedestrian bridge in the world be there. 

Welcome to the Skybridge! It doesn’t look terrifying, until you look down.

The bridge extends one kilometer above the forests of the Krasnaya Polyana valley in south-westen Russian, near Sochi.

It opened back in July and currently holds the record as the world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge.

This bridge is definitely not for the faint of heart. Supposedly, it can support the weight of up 30,000 at any one time.

Those views are amazing, but I just can’t help picturing the bridge swinging and shaking in the wind.

Here is the main observation deck. If you’re feeling particularly brave, you can try bungee jumping from it.

If you still don’t believe me about how terrifying this bridge is, just check out this video of someone bungee jumping from it. This is really not helping my fear of heights.

Via: The Daily Mail

Not that I was planning a trip to Russia, but this is certainly not compelling me to pay the country a visit anytime soon. 

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