Book Your Next Trip To Japan With The Cutest Tour Guides Ever.

Most tourists don’t like to look like tourists. It’s important to hit a town’s cultural hotspots, but you also want to go off the beaten path and see what it’s really like for residents of a place. And if you’re planning a trip to Japan, you won’t find any better (or cuter) tour guides than these adorable cats.

Tour website Jalan joined forces with cats Nyalan and Deshi to show what Japanese life is really like.

They come prepared with their own tiny suitcases.

The photo series and Twitter account feature the felines in many different settings around town, enjoying the typical activities of the community.

Nyalan, on the left, is the older, wiser, and sassier cat. His young assistant, Deshi, tags along.

They love to partake in the small pleasures of each season.

They enjoy the blooming cherry blossoms.

And often sample the fine dining available.

Deshi doesn’t care much for watermelon, but he’s a big beetle fan.

They even invite friends along from time to time.

Doesn’t look like Nyalan got any bites today.

Deshi looks a little overwhelmed by the sweet treat.

Decisions, decisions…

(via Kotaku.)

You can follow along on their Twitter account before booking your trip to Japan. Just make sure if you do go that it’s this adorable.

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