Warning: Do Not Mess With Sheep. It Will Not End Well For You.

When you’ve had too much to drink, you don’t tend make the greatest decisions. Maybe you text an ex, maybe you buy something you didn’t really need, but hopefully you aren’t been quite as dumb as this guy. He definitely had bruises the next day to remind him of his poor choices.

A video shows this gentleman, to use the word loosely, who is probably at a family gathering where there happen to be farm animals present. In his stupor, he decides to get overly friendly with one of the seemingly meek sheep…

I think it’s trying to run away from you, sir.

Yep, it definitely hates this.

So when it finally gets free…

You can check out the whole hilarious moment below:

The next time someone tells you they’re feeling sheepish, you should probably stand back.

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