American Kids Eat PB&J, But Kids From Around The World? Their Lunches Rock.

School lunches in America are usually pretty terrible, in case you didn’t know. I’m glad I don’t have to dread eating one of those again on a daily basis or risk going hungry.

However, I would be telling a completely different story if I ate any of these school lunches from around the world. These meals look like they’re from a five star restaurant instead of a school cafeteria. (Now I’m getting hungry…)

1.) England.

2.) Pakistan.

3.) Czech Republic.

4.) Spain.

5.) South Korea.

6.) Sweden.

7.) Singapore.

8.) Ecuador.

9.) India.

10.) Indonesia.

11.) Japan.

12.) Israel.

13.) Finland.

14.) France.

15.) Argentina.

16.) Barcelona, Spain.

17.) Ukraine.

18.) France.

19.) Brazil.

20.) Mali.

21.) Cuba.

22.) Shanghai German School.

(Via: Izismile)

I feel like if I went to school in France, I would have been so fat in high school. Just look at those meals! So deliciously amazing… Is it lunch time yet?

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