What This Couple Did With This Once Ordinary Room is Just Awesome. Just Watch!

When Reddit user and big-time gamer tarlske first got married, she and her husband had dreams of turning their basement space into a game room. But due to lack of funds they couldn’t quite make the cool space they had imagined until 5 years later. Then, it became the coolest, most Reddit approved room ever shown on the Internet. Let’s all watch the transformation of something glorious here.

Here’s what the room looked like during their first year of marriage. Notice Maiev the cat’s disapproval.

But after 5 years of saving, TADA!

This is like the Enterprise control bridge but for gaming.

The second row is raised so everyone can see the projector screen.

So many games…too many games? Nah!

Miav approves! Cool pad, humans!

I couldn’t help but notice that there were more than two chairs in the room. So, who wants to join me in crashing at Reddit user tarlske’s house for a couple days, or months…or forever? Please adopt me, tarlske, is what I’m saying.

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