This Isn’t Your Average Building Material. This Is Up-Cycled Awesomeness.

Recycling is an interesting way for designers to incorporate used goods into our everyday decor. Yet when you think of these goods in your home, you picture grungy old street signs and weird, dirty items that quickly lose their cool factor.

Designer Inghua Ting came up with a design idea that breaks the mold. She did something so amazing and vintage that you’ll jump on her website in hopes of grabbing one for yourself. This may look like wood paneling, but in fact? It’s up-cycled apparel.

These are vintage and reclaimed leather belts.

Taking these classic vestiges from the past, Inghua turns them into a unique home decor treatment that can replace boring carpets, walls, and tabletops.

Each belt is hand-selected and stripped of its metal. Inghua then hand cleans and prepares them for whatever piece she creates.

This requires color balancing the desired look, and only choosing the highest quality belts.

The results are beautiful, glossy, and hard-wearing surfaces that are available for purchase by the square foot.

You can even hang her designs on the wall.


(via My Modern Met)

If you’re looking to “up-cycle” your decor, be sure to check out Inghua’s store. Be quick, though. Her incredibly unique work is sure to sell out fast.

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