This Dog Puts All Other Farm Dogs To Shame… He Might Put Us ALL To Shame.

It isn’t unusual to see a dog lending a hand (or paw) on a farm. It’s a tradition as old as, well, farming.

But this pup in Russia puts all the others to shame. Lemon, a Giant Schnauzer living with his owners in the Omsk region, does so much more than just herd sheep. From a young age, the farmer’s best friend has always shown a work ethic that goes above and beyond.

Lemon has no problem with standing on his hind legs and giving the field a good plough.

He’s also handy when it comes to grabbing buckets of water.

His owner, Aleksandr Matytsin, says the water is the pup’s favorite task.

Lemon started his training at 10-months-old when, without any encouragement from Matytsin, he decided to help his owner out with gathering logs to be chopped.

Matytsin says he sometimes gives the good boy some tasty treats for completing his tasks, but that mostly Lemon just appreciates a job well done.

He’d probably take himself for walks if he could!

Of course, as a dog, his skills are a bit limited but Matytsin just loves his eagerness nonetheless.

“He likes to try and do almost everything I do. I think if he had hands he would do everything for me.”

Giant Schnauzers can grow as tall as 2 feet and have a long history of farm life.

Who needs horses when you have this dog?

(H/T: Daily Mail.)

We could all probably use a dose of this doggie’s work ethic in our own lives. 

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