11 Natural Solutions To Your Everyday Problems That Actually Work.

Modern medicine is great, but sometimes your problems can be more easily solved using things you already have around the house. Granted, if you need antibiotics you should probably head to the pharmacy and pick up some penicillin. However, if you have some weird stains you need to remove or if you have smelly feet? These “cures” are for you!

Save yourself a trip to the store and instead use these remedies you probably already own.

1.) Foot odor.

Have stinky feet? Then wipe them down with vodka to get rid of the smell. It’s weird, but it works. (In fact, vodka can remove a smelly scent from many surfaces and materials.)

2.) Headaches.

Fight back against that nasty headache by putting a pencil in your mouth. It prevents you from subconsciously clenching your jaw when you’re stressed, thus preventing more headaches.

3.) Blisters.

While Listerine is meant for teeth, it can also be very helpful for blisters. Just dab the area three times a day with Listerine until it no longer hurts.

4.) Foot aches.

Give yourself a free foot massage by rolling each foot over a tennis ball. You can also use a tennis ball to relieve back pain by placing it between you and a wall, then pressing up against it. 

5.) Hiccups.

Looking to stop hiccups dead in their tracks? Swallow a teaspoon of dry sugar and it can stop the hiccups in minutes.

6.) Motion Sickness.

Part of what contributes to motion sickness is the production of excess saliva. Eating olives or sucking on a lemon can dry your mouth out and help with queasy feeling.

7.) Better Teeth.

Fruits and vegetables that you have to bite into act as sort of toothbrushes as you eat them. Apples in particular are great for this. They also have an enzyme that helps to naturally clean teeth. (That apple-a-day thing is apparently solid advice.)

8.) Clear Skin.

It may sound weird, but smash a tomato and then spread the pulp on your face. Let it sit for an hour. Then wash it offer with tepid water. This a great cure for oily skin. 

9.) Warts. 

A new studying found that duct tape is exceedingly good at getting ride of warts. Just take a piece and cover the wart with it. Every three days file down the dead skin and replace the tape. Your wart will be gone in no time. 

10.) Killer commutes.

According to recent studies, chewing peppermint or cinnamon gum improves your perception of your daily commute. It doesn’t work for everyone, but it beats sitting there in traffic cursing the world.  

11.) Disinfect Cuts.

Sprinkling powdered cloves on a cut can prevent it from becoming infected. If that wasn’t enough, clove powder can also kill some of the pain. 

(Via: Prevention)

Hmm, seems like the saying should really be “An apple a day keeps the dentist away.” 

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