These Gorgeous Caves In New Zealand Are Illuminated By Glow Worms.

The island country of New Zealand is known for its amazing natural scenery, but people usually focus on what’s above ground. While the mountains, beaches and wildlife are breathtaking, there’s even more stunning sights to be found below the surface. 

In the township of Waitomo, on the north island, there is a place that is absolutely mind-bending. At a very special spot, when you look up, it seems like you’re looking at a starry sky, but it’s something else entirely. On the island, there are caves filled with glowing worms that will trick you into thinking you’re starring at the night sky. It’s trippy.

A large population of glow worms produce the dazzling green-blue ambience.

The caves date back to 1887 when they were first explored by native Maori Chief Tane Tinorau and English surveyor Fred Mace.

The caves were already well known to locals at the time, but hadn’t been extensively explored until Tinorau and Mace built a raft to follow the stream deeper underground.

The explorers were amazed by their discovery, now known as “Glowworm Grotto.”

(via Amusing Planet.)

The cave was opened for tourism in 1889 and remains an awe-inspiring attraction for visitors. Judging by the beautiful photos, it’s easy to imagine how much more incredible it would be to see them firsthand! 

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