Your Reality Is A Lot More Entertaining When This Animator Transforms It.

Sometimes the world gets a little boring. We all know the feeling, and in the case of Marty Cooper, who also goes by Hombre McSteez, he did something about it. Using just an iPhone, the animator filmed a stop-motion video of everyday scenes, all while holding hand-illustrated animation cells in front of his scenes. The result was a pair (so far, anyway) of videos called Aug(de)mented Reality, where real life and cartoons collide. 

In the videos, Cooper’s universe of bizarre creatures go about their daily business, including carnivorous books, zombie burritos, primal lemons, dancing pool noodles, a dubstep-burping frog and a cat-dog-octopus hybrid known as the Zeebler. 

And here’s the sequel, featuring Adam Savage from TV’s MythBusters.

And if you’re interested in his process, here’s an interview with Savage and Cooper. 

So yes, there is still a purpose for white-out. We hope to see more from Cooper, as sometimes we all need a break from reality. In the meantime, you can see the rest of Cooper’s creations on his website.

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