A Tiny Deer Didn’t Want To Be Caught, But Kind-Hearted People Still Helped.

Simon and Sean from the Wildlife Aid Foundation were called out to attend to a tiny little Muntjac Deer that had got itself stuck in a residential garden.

The homeowners spotted blood on the ground where the deer had been running. They were very worried about the little critter. It turned out the small deer had injured itself while trying to escape the fenced off area, but luckily he was okay.

When Simon and Sean arrived, they found the deer running around in the backyard. The deer was frightened, nearly to death, of the homeowner’s barking dog. A very tense and risky rescue followed, as catching a Muntjac is like trying to catch a bolt of lightning!

(Source: Wildlife Aid)

The cries of the deer when they finally caught it broke my heart. Poor thing was so scared, but luckily these nice people were there to help it.

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