Your Jaw Will Drop When You Realize How Much A Beggar On The Street Earns.

How many people have you passed on the street panhandling for money? You probably can’t even count them all, but have you ever thought about counting the money they make? Most people never think of street beggars as making that much for a living. After all, why would they still be on the street if they made enough money to take care of themselves.

Well, allow me to blow your mind. 

This man is Beijing earn up to $1700 a month just from begging on the street. These pictures of the man were found on Chinese microblogging platform Sina Weibo.

Apparently the money he earns from begging everyday over the years has been good enough to fund the college education of three members of his family.

In fact, he’s even had enough income from begging to afford to have a house built for his family.

Wow. I’m very impressed, just look at all that money.

Every month he enlists the help of a few postal workers who help him count up his money.

Of course he give them a nice 100 Yuan tip for the help.

This makes me wonder how much people begging in the United States actually get each month.

(/T: Izismile)

I must say I am impressed. Both by how successful this man is, but also at how generous people are to allow this man to have such an income. It makes you think.

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