These People Would Be Burned At The Stake 300 Years Ago For Witchcraft. Whoa.

These street illusionists have found the trick to levitation. (Sadly, it’s not magic.) It looks pretty convincing, but I’m glad we live in modern days where physics can prove things as opposed to 300 years ago where these guys would be called “witches” and burned at the stake. Take a look and tell me that there isn’t some kind of sorcery going on, it’s hard to believe there isn’t.

The kid is very confused.

Nice tie dye outfits as well.

These guys look like they also hold other secrets.

The socks don’t match the outfit.

These guys are deep in concentration.

This guy is DEFINITELY using kind of black magic.

This tandem one is pretty impressive.


Oh, that’s how they do it? EASY!

The key to their “levitation” is actually a pole and a platform. With careful measurements and balance, these “wizards” appear to be floating in air… but really, they’re just sitting down. Easy enough, even I can be a sorcerer now. Share this post if you intend on becoming a warlock with me!

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