You’ll Never Eat McDonald’s Again After You Read These Horrifying Facts.

Feeling hungry? You may want to read the rest of this article before you head to your favorite fast food restaurant and order your usual chemical and prescription drug-ridden meal.

Most people are aware that fast food is unhealthy and fattening, but did you know it could hurt your body in other ways as well? You might be thinking, “but it’s so tasty and cheap!” You’re right, it is both, but it also has some other qualities that you may not be aware of, let alone happy about. Take a look at some of the ingredients that your favorite fast food joints use on a regular basis.  

1.) Ammonium Sulfate

Nothing helps mass-produce bread like Ammonium Sulfate. Unfortunately, nothing fertilizers soil or kills bugs like it either.

2.) Silicone Oil

Chicken McNuggets are full of dimethylpolysiloxane, a silicone oil that is often used for making contact lenses and other medical items.

3.) Cysteine-L

Fast food restaurants use Cysteine-L, an amino acid synthesized from human hair or duck feathers, to flavoring their meat and softening their breads and pastries.

4.) TBHQ

This additive can be found in 18 McDonald’s menu items. It’s potentially lethal, but don’t worry, the FDA only allows the chemical to be 0.02 percent of a food’s oil and fat.

5.) Propylene Glycol

Propylene glycol is an organic chemical compound that can be found anti-freeze, e-cigarettes, and the greens fast food restaurants typically use in their meals.

6.) Prescription Drugs

Anti-depressants as well as other prescription drugs are said to be added to the feed of the chickens fast food restaurants use for their poultry items.

7.) Dimethylpolysiloxane

You’ll find this in almost any fried fast food menu item and also in Silly Putty.

8.) Carminic Acid

Synthesized by Cochineal beetles, Carminic acid is used to dye foods, especially meats, red.

9.) Cellulose

You’ll find this organic compound, which is produced from wood pulp, in nearly any fast food menu item.

10.) Silica Dioxide

This industrial sand is used in things like Wendy’s chili to keep it from clumping together. Mmm… industrial sand.

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Well, I know my appetite is gone. It’s hard to be craving a Big Mac when you know just how many toxic chemicals it contains in trace amounts. I’ve never felt such an urge to start cooking my own meals, that’s for sure.

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