You Won’t Believe What Google Is Using To Map The Terrain Of The Desert.

It seems nothing will be able to stop Google from documenting the world via their Google Maps Street View. The latest addition is a street level view of the Liwa Desert in Abu Dhabi. However, that’s not even the coolest part. 

The company didn’t use Jeeps or backpackers to capture the landscape. Instead, Google decided to use camels with the company’s Street View Trekkers mounted on their backs. The result is some amazing 360 degree photography of one of the world’s most remote areas. 

No. Joke.

Here is one of the camels with the Street View camera strapped on its back.

Google says the choice was made to use camels so that the images captured would be more authentic as well as minimize environmental impact.

While many may commend Google for their decision to use camels instead of jeeps, PETA accused them of animal abuse.

Whatever your feelings on it are, you can’t deny the amazing result of the camel back Street View.

This is just breathtaking.

Because the pictures are taken from the vantage of a camel, you can get a sense of how it is to travel through the desert traditionally.

Within the Liwa Desert is the Liwa Oasis, which is the biggest oasis on the entire Arabian Peninsula.

You can explore the oasis too.

More camels. Maybe they’ll be recruited next time for Street View duty.

These dunes are mesmerizing.

The desert just stretches on and on.

Check out some of the Street View capture process in action below. 

H/T: My Modern Met

Wow Google, I’m not sure whether to be afraid of your relentless innovation or just stand in awe. It is pretty amazing to get to explore the desert from my desk at home. Check out the new Street View for yourself here

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