You Probably Didn’t Realize These Famous Americans Were Actually Muslim.

Religion seems like a big deal in this country, but it shouldn’t be. This is one of the few great countries in the world allowing us to follow our own religion without the influence of government. Yet we still get a stink up our nose when we realize certain celebrities aren’t part of the same religion as us.

Islam in particular is a controversial religion to be a part of, even in this “free” society. Liberals like Bill Maher make accusations that Islam is rooted in the desire to murder people of other denominations. It’s a cheap way to make a bad guy out of people you don’t know. In light of this, here are celebrities that you might not expect to be Muslim.

1.) Dr. Oz.

2.) Akon.

3.) Muhammad Ali.

4.) Cat Stevens.

5.) Snoop Lion.

6.) Ellen Burstyn.

7.) Busta Rhymes.

8.) Ice Cube.

9.) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

10.) Shaquille O’Neal.

11.) Jermaine Jackson (of The Jackson 5).

12.) Dave Chappelle.

13.) Mike Tyson.

Islam is a beautiful religion, practiced by beautiful and talented people that don’t want to kill everyone. Making broad claims like Bill Maher did isn’t going to make millions of people change their religion and culture, and should not be used to scare anyone.

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