You Won’t Believe How Expansive And Awesome This Costa Rican Treehouse Is.

Finca Bellavista is a sustainable living treehouse community situated on 600 acres of land in Costa Rica. The community features zipline courses, hiking trails, and a bevy of great places to take a dip. Founded by married couple Mateo and Erica Hogan, Finca Bellavista is not the type of place one goes to get pampered. This treehouse and all the land it encompasses is dedicated to conservation and sustainable living. The Hogans built Finca Bellavista with a combination of hard work and serendipity. 

Welcome to Finca Bellavista.

In addition to promoting sustainable living, it also looks like an Ewok village from Star Wars.

An upscale Ewok village.

That must be some view to wake up to.

Finca Bellavista isn’t simply one treehouse, but a series of them.

Ones that you can stay at, too.

With rooms ranging from $100-$250 a night, it might be easier than you think.

Of course, you do have to find a way down there.

And the Southern Zone of Costa Rica isn’t exactly a hotbed for tourists.

Which is also what makes it awesome.

Everyone goes on vacation to relax, but who actually gets the chance to do so?

Who needs a TV when you can observe the ongoings of a day in the rainforest?

If sitting around and taking it all in sounds boring, you could also always zipline.

Not bad for a treehouse.

If you think the treehouses are nice, wait until you see their surroundings.

Not bad.

(via Finca Bellavista, H/T Twisted Sifter)

Wow. That’s nothing like the treehouses I used to build, that’s for sure. Now I want a giant sustainable tree fort in my yard…

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