Looking Inside People’s Fridges May Be The Weirdest, Most Intimate Art Ever.

If you want someone to know what kind of person you are, you can open up your mouth and chat with them for hours about your interests, your family, and what you do for a living–or, as made evident by Mark Menjivar’s photography project “Refrigerators,” you could just open up your fridge and let them take a peak. It might not tell them what your favorite movie is or where you went to college, but, in a way, it will say even more.

They say you are what you eat, but according to these photos, you are what you eat… and totally forget about until it smells so bad that you have to throw it in the garbage can. Take a look at these eye-opening and hunger-causing pictures!

“Journalist/Designer/School Teacher | Austin, TX | 3-Person Household | Writes the obituaries for the local newspaper.”

“Midwife/Middle School Science Teacher | San Antonio, TX | 3-Person Household (including dog) | First week after deciding to eat all local produce.”

“College Students| Waco, TX | 3-Person Household | Drummer for death metal band.”

“Short Order Cook | Marathon, TX | 2-Person Household | She can bench press over 300 lbs.”

“Food Artist | New York, New York | 1-Person Household | Runs a vegan bakery from her apartment.”

“Bar Tender | San Antonio, TX | 1-Person Household | Goes to sleep at 8AM and wakes up at 4PM daily.”

“Carpenter/Photographer | San Antonio, TX | 3-Person Household | 12 Point Buck shot on family property.”

“School Crossing Guard/Nursing Home Assistant | Austin, TX | 6-Person Household | Parents and 3 adult children live in an efficiency apartment.”

“Competitive Food Eaters | New York, New York | 3-Person Household | Holds records for eating most burritos, cannolis, buffet food, green beans, sushi, pancakes, ramen noodles, tamales, tiramisu and sweet corn.”

“Street Advertiser | San Antonio, TX | 1-Person Household | Lives on $432 fixed monthly income.”

“Community Volunteer | San Angelo, TX | 1-Person Household | Completely blind and lives alone.”

“Custodian/Convenience Store Clerk | Ft. Wayne, IN | 2-Person Household | Ate nothing but donuts for over 3 years.”

“Botanist | Ft. Wayne, IN | 1-Person Household | Feels more comfortable among flora and fauna of his era than people.”

“Delicatessen Attendant | Daphne, AL | 4-Person Household | Disowned by parents for marrying a black man.”

“Construction Worker/House Wife | San Angelo, TX | 4-Person Household | Wife wakes every morning at 4AM to cook breakfast for family.”

“Disabled | Marathon,TX | 2-Person Household | Weighed 390lbs earlier this year.”

“Retired Train Conductor | Jackson, MS | 1-Person Household | Started Meals on Wheels in his community.”

“Engineer | Lower Pottsgrove, PA | 17-Person Household | Italian-Puerto Rican Family Reunion.”

“Production Designer | New York, NY | 2-Person Household | Has done films for Cindy Sherman and Larry Clark.”

“Owner of Defunct Amusement Park | Alpine, TX | 1-Person Household | Former WW II Prisoner of War.”

(via Mark Menjivar)

I don’t know about you, but I feel so close to these people… and hungry. If more of Mark Menjivar’s work is what you crave, head on over to his website and check out his other projects.

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