You Can Use These 10 Food Products to Clean Up Your House. Plus, They’re Cheap.

Food is more typically the cause of your messy household problems, but there are some items out there that can actually help clean up after each other.

Whether its stains from a clumsy party guest, an overly expressive child, or simply some tarnish from years of use, these items from your fridge and cupboard can take care of the problem in no time. No elbow grease required!

1.) Table salt can help get rid of red wine stains, if you act fast.

2.) Ketchup can polish up brass pots left to sit in the sauce for a few minutes.

3.) Banana peels can be used to polish silver.

4.) Walnuts can spruce up scratch marks on wooden surfaces.

5.) Corn meal can sop up a grease stain by letting it sit for 15-20 minutes on the area.

6.) Raw onion can get the gunk off your grill.

7.) Cucumber skins can get rid of marks on walls and unfog bathroom mirrors.

8.) A damp slice of white bread can make picking up broken glass a breeze.

9.) Olive oil will get rid of sap that might have found its way indoors and on your clothes.

10.) Uncooked rice can clean out all the mixed spices and coffee bean residue in your grinder.

(via Huffington Post.)

It probably isn’t a good idea to reuse any of the items in your family dinner after cleaning up, though.

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