You Can Hire People To Do… What? These 15 Services Are Pretty Bizarre.

One of the great things about capitalism is the diversity it promotes in the marketplace. There will be someone willing to provide a service if there’s a demand from customers willing to pay.

With that in mind, here are 15 of the strangest things you can hire people to do for you around the world. Watch out for #11, though. That’s just too weird!

1.) Japanese Apology Service.

Saying sorry is never easy, and Japan is no exception. A few companies in Japan sensed a market need to take care of awkward apologies. These companies will take care of the whole ordeal for you. Rates start at just $96 for an over the phone apology, and $240 for a face-to-face apology.

2.) The Hangover Bus.

Hop aboard the hangover bus after a raucous night out and about in Las Vegas, and have your hangover cured in no time flat! Once on board, you’re treated to IV hydration and a variety of anti-nausea/anti-inflammatory drugs. Sounds like a pretty good concept, though it’s not cheap.  

3.) Rent-A-Puppy.

You can rent yourself a fuzzy, adorable puppy in the great state of Utah for $15 an hour. The renting company even brings the dog to your home. The idea is that you rent the dog and eventually adopt it. What a cute idea!

4.) Paparazzi Service.

Did you ever want to know what it’s like to be famous? Now you can for a hefty bit of cash. The company Celeb 4 A Day offers fake paparazzi services starting at $500. Now you can surround yourself with annoying people freaking out and taking your photo as you walk the street. Their services are available in New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. 

5.) Little People On Demand.

Ready to kick your party up a notch? You’re in luck if you live in the U.S., UK, or Canada. You can rent yourself a little person by the hour to spice up your next get-together. These service operators offer a variety of options, including everyone’s favorite game, “Dwarf Tossing.”

6.) Hire A Grandmother.

Australian company Grandmas For Hire offers a variety of grandmas with different skill sets available by the hour. Never go without homemade chocolate chip cookies again.

7.) Create A Portrait Out Of Your Own Ashes.

Virginia’s Cremation Solutions will take the ashes of your loved ones and paint a portrait of them for only $127. This is quite unsettling. 

8.) Rent A Chicken.

Another Australian company offers you the opportunity to try out your new pet chicken before you buy it. Their slogan is: “If you return it, you rented it. If you keep it, you bought it.”

9.) Death Row Meal Service. 

When you’re in search of a morbid meal, look no further than the Toronto-based Last Meal Delivery Service. They deliver to your doorstep the actual last meal of a death row prisoner. The meal comes with a bonus DVD and a paper mask of the prisoner in question. Too creepy. 

10.) Hire Yourself A Friend. is the destination for all your platonic relationship needs. Since 2009, this company allowed people all over the world to rent a friend for whatever it is you would want to do. Rates start at $10 an hour.  

11.) Rent Foreigners.

A Japanese service allows users to rent foreigners to hang out with. This seems like a pretty cool job to have if you’re studying abroad. 

12.) Get Someone To Stand In Line For You.

Waiting in line will always be one of the downsides to visiting New York City. For $25 during the first hour and another $10 for every extra 30 minutes, you can get someone to stand in line for you. This makes getting Broadway tickets a breeze.

13.) Get Yourself A Wingman. 

The Professional Wingman company in New York City and Boston and Wingman Pro in LA will give you the professional help you need to talk to girls at the bar. They set you up with good looking actors who help you break the ice and get the conversation flowing.

14.) Have Someone Scope Out A Bar For You.

Have you ever wanted to see how crowded a place is before you arrive? This exists with Crowdmug, an iPhone app that gives you a bird’s eye view of a bar by having people at the location take pictures and video from inside. Those taking the pictures get paid on a first come, first served basis as requests come in.

15.) Get Your Dog Poop Picked Up. 

When you’re too lazy to clean your yard of dog poop, Virginia-based company DoodyCalls will do it for you. They’ve cleaned yards across the country since 2000. 

(Via: Distractify)

I’m not necessarily in need of a friend, but I wonder what it would be like to rent one for the day. That sure is a surreal way to make a living. It’s also a weird way to make friends. Sheesh.

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