Tired of Boring Old Couches? Spruce Up Your Place With This Human-Sized Nest

You might have heard of a home referred to as a “nest” before, and it can bring up images of either coziness or messiness (or both). Usually, though, the description isn’t literal. Until now.

This couch maybe be a little weird, it takes up a considerable amount of room and it may be a pain to clean, but it’s your very own nest.

The nest itself, as well as the egg pillows, come in a variety of colors.

Israeli-based OGE Creative Group, has developed a human-sized bird’s nest, complete with colorful, egg-shaped pillows, as a “fusion of furniture and playground,” with the idea of using the unconventional lounge space as a way to help people be more creative. 

The egg pillows can be arranged for optimal lounging comfort.

The round wooden nest comes in four sizes, with the smallest seating two to three people, and the largest with a 15-foot diameter and space for 16 people. Party nest! The wooden section comes in a variety of colors as well, so your nest can be in harmony with the rest of your decor. 

If I walked in and saw this in someone’s house, I’d have a new best friend.

The nest and pillows can be color-customized to match any decor.

Designers Merav Eitan and Gaston Zahr say that the nest’s use is open-ended, and it’s up to the customers to use it however they like. “Its powerful, yet simple concept and intriguing character needs no explanation or user manual: Ready to be used, ready for playing or working in. Simply jump in and enjoy.”

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