Who Knew That Astronaut Training Could Be So Unintentionally Hilarious?

Astronauts are awesome, there’s no denying it. They are highly intelligent, in peak physical form, and are on the front lines of the research done about the universe. Their actions throughout the history of space exploration have even influenced the world think more about its place in the cosmos. As cool as they are, seeing pictures of some of their training exercises is kinda funny. Check out some pictures of astronauts training below. 

“Now kick with your legs. No, no! Kick with your legs! Your LEGS! Okay, abort mission.”

“Well now whatcha got yourself right there….that there’s a rock.”

“Daiquiris anyone? No? Fine, more for me.”

“We got some real nice rocks over here!”

“Before we begin your astronaut training, you must spend three days wandering the desert. Here’s some mescaline. See you in 72 hours.”

“Oh yeah, these are some good lookin’ rocks.”

“That’s one small shovel-full of dirt for man, and one giant scoop of dirt for mankind. Would that, like, be a cool thing for me to say on the moon?”

“Okay boys, today’s training is over. Load up all your favorite rocks and let’s go home.”

(via: io9.com)

As funny as these pictures can be, the training these astronauts did went a long way in making them more resilient and ready for the trials of space travel. And it really helped them when it came to stuff like rocks. 

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