These 26 People Have Failed At Their Job So Hard It Hurts. Awkwarrrrd.

Most people hate their jobs at some point. After all, nothing in life is certain but death, taxes, and being really annoyed with waking up early every day.

Although, there is a difference between hating your job and just being straight up bad at it. These people have failed so hard at their jobs that it makes you ponder the state of the world. How are these people even employable?

Once you see these pictures you’ll ask, “How long did it take for these people to get fired?”

1.) Who wouldn’t want to read that article?

2.) I hope they cleaned that up pretty fast.

3.) Just jump it. Duh.

4.) Not handicap accessible. I see how it is.

5.) Men can wear those, too!

6.) This is more frightening than the roller coaster itself.

7.) Wow, we skipped ahead.

8.) While he didn’t quite fail at his job, at the same time, he did not succeed.

9.) Stop being so humble!

10.) We lost your mom. Whoops.

11.) This dog walker is taking the easy way out.

12.) You’d hate to see that.

13.) That’s gonna cost another $15,000 to fix, by the way.

14.) They must hate the person with the afternoon shift.

15.) “Yeah boss, I lost them all.” “Where?” “In the ocean… No, I’m not making this up.”

16.) Just embrace the poop.

17.) The engineer who designed this building failed SUPER hard.

18.) Do not take this literally.

19.) I don’t even have a witty thing to say about that. Just baffled.

20.) Oh boy. Call the tow truck.

21.) What? You don’t like the new finish I put on your car?

22.) Even the cops don’t pay their tickets!

23.) This was a close call for that house.

24.) Well, that doesn’t even seem like a sale. That’s just shopping.

25.) Some people have their priorities all wrong.

26.) Poor stitch job.

Be thankful that you (probably) aren’t as bad as these people at your job. Let’s all get it together and try to do our jobs half-assed. It’s the least we can do.

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