The Flavors Of Chips You Can Get Around The World Are Downright Nutty. Literally.

Thailand is a country where many crazy and amazing things are possible. Evidence enough of this can be found browsing the snack food aisle at a local supermarket.

Specifically, you can see some bizarre examples of different flavors of potato chips. I’m not sure I actually have the stomach to try any of these, but I can’t help but wonder what they must taste like. 

1.) English Ham Mustard. Because my chips never taste enough like ham and mustard.

2.) Seaweed flavored. Umm, no thanks.

3.) Mexican Spicy Chicken. I just imagine this must taste sort of like spicy Doritos.

4.) Grilled Squid Seaweed Roll. Oh my.

5.) Butter Garlic Scallop. What’s with all these seafood flavored chips?

6.) Chinese Lobster in Xo Sauce. What the…? Does it contain real lobster?

7.) Nam Prik Pao. Sounds like the spiciest potato chip ever made, but apparently it’s delicious.

8.) Mexican BBQ. Maybe this one is more normal tasting?

9.) French Salad. I don’t think I’ve ever had a French salad.

10.) Crab Curry. I can’t imagine a worse tasting thing.

11.) Hot Chicken Lemon. I’m not even sure how to react to this one.

12.) Miang Kham. Delicious little salad bites.

13.) Italian Cheese Supreme. This one sounds like it might actually be pretty tasty.

Via: Imgur

I’m sure these would give me a stomach ache for days, no matter how deliciously awesome they tasted. How do you even translate the taste of Mexican spicy chicken to a potato ship seasoning?  

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