What Robbers Are Looking For When They Target Your House For A Burglary.

Whether you like it or not, your house could be a potential target for home invasion. Having your possessions lifted from your own home is a terrible thought. During a robbery, not only are your belongings taken from you, but your “safe zone” is violated by strangers. 

As it turns out, these things alert thieves to your home and may make you their next target!

1.) Door Knob Flyers

What a lot of robbers will do to inspect your house before they rob it is hang one of these little menus up on your door. What that allows them to do is get a close up view of your house, any entry points, easiest routes to the door, etc. Be aware of who is coming up to your door in general as well.

2.) No Appliances On

If a robber sees that all the lights are off, the TV is off, and the computer is even off they think it is safe to assume no one is home. What happens next is a break in. To make sure that doesn’t happen to you, have timed lights go on after a few hours or once nightfall hits.

3.) Hide-A-Keys

Your little savior for getting into your house when you’re locked out is also easy access for robbers. If you have one of these, be sure to hide it in a not so obvious place. Otherwise you might as well just hand your possessions over to your burglar.

4.) Turning Off Your Alarm


This seems like a no brainer, but a lot of people will leave their security systems off when they go out for just a quick stop at the store or picking their kids up. Well, it usually only takes a robber to pilfer your house 8 minutes or less. So, be sure to keep that system on.

5.) Advertising Which Security System You Have

Don’t do it. All that does is let a robber know which system you have and if they have the knowledge, and some do, how to hack the system. Makes for a pretty useless system, eh?

6.) Having High Trees/Bushes


Tall shrubbery provides cover for burglars. If you wish to lure robbers into your home, having these tall branches not only hides the perp from your neighbors, but he will also be basically invisible to you as well.

7.) Keep Your Lawn Kept

An unkempt lawn leads a robber to believe that there is a vacancy, aka no one home. If you keep your lawn well manicured, it shows a robber that you might very well keep your house that tidy by having a security system or the like.

8.) High Fences

High fences provide cover for burglars. They can break into your house without detection from neighbors because they are blocked from view because of the high fences.

9.) Keeping Your Valuables In Your Bedroom.

This is a big mistake. The first place robbers usually check is the master bedroom of a house for jewelry, money, and other valuables. To keep your family jewels safe, store them in an attic or basement. Those are the least likely places that robbers go for fear of being trapped.

Be sure to remedy these problems if you want to keep your things safe. If you found this information helpful, be sure to share this post with your friends.

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