What People Can Do With Coconuts Is Simply Amazing. How Can I Do This?

What the people at Nymphs workshop can do with a coconut is, well, (coco)nuts. Maybe it’s all the cartoons I watched as a kid, but I used to think the only thing coconuts were good for is bonking people on the top of the head. Regardless of why I thought so, I was wrong.

At Nymphs, they’ve found a way to take a coconut and fashion it into one of the most beautiful lamps you’ll ever see in your life. They do such an amazing job with the lamps, you might have a difficult time believing what they were made from. Take a look!

Check out these amazing patterns.

A coconut lamp couldn’t possibly be capable of this, could it?

I guess so.

Coconut or not, I’ve never seen a lamp that looked quite like that.


Who needs a lava lamp when you can have one of these?

Not her.

(via BoredPanda)

Such incredible craftsmanship. I hope they all treated themselves to piña coladas after creating these masterpieces.

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