What One Redditor Found In Their Garden Will Inspire You To Never Garden Again.

Gardening can be a great way to take in and be one with nature, something we don’t often have time to do in the world of iPhones and Twitter. But there comes a point when nature tries a little too hard to get our attention. Redditor Mahithoughts was digging in a mulch pile with hopes of starting a garden, but came across these creepy crawlers straight out of Peter Jackson’s King Kong. Behold.

At first Mahithoughts found one little nightmare crawling in a pile of mulch.

Then he found even more nightmares.

It was an aphid ambush!

To put them into perspective, these grubs are probably in the same weight class as a banana in a title fight.

I imagine this grub just ate that entire banana in one gross gulp.

Mahithoughts and his friends were going to burn them alive, but their curiosity trumped their grossed-outness, so they put them in a pot of soil to see what happened.

Behold! The gooey germs turned into these gross beetle things. I guess their brave experiment was a success. Apparently rhinoceros beetles are good for gardens.

That beetle is pretty cool. It kinda looks like something Timon and Pumba would eat in The Lion King. So if you find those nightmare grubs in your garden, Hakuna Matata! They’ll turn into awesome beetles in no time.

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