Two People In Love Decided To Start Their Marriage Off On A High Note.

They say that couples who play together, stay together. But what about those who do death-defying acts together? Does that make them super-couples? This awesomely adventurous Canadian couple put that extreme theory to the test. 

Bride Jamie Alperin, 29, and groom David Lamb, 33, have a unique interest. They’re both extreme climbers.

When it came time for their wedding ceremony, this bride-to-be didn’t want anything to do with it.

Until a video inspired her to climb to her wedding ceremony.

All together, the couple spent £7,000 on the wedding, which included a wedding dress suitable for rock climbing.

More importantly, they gained the most unique wedding ceremony we’ve ever seen.

And the ultimate story to make her girlfriends jealous, and his bros into haters.

(via Daily Mail)

Now, that ceremony isn’t something you see every day…

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