The Skeleton Coast Is A Real Place On Earth…And It’s So, So Creepy.

The Skeleton Coast spans from Namibia to Angola. It’s one place where you wouldn’t want to find yourself without fresh water and–oh, yeah–a camera. While the Bushmen of the Namibian Interior have dubbed it “The Land God Made in Anger,” there’s no denying that as intimidating as it may be, it sure is beautiful. If you’re into desolation and scary animals remains, that is. I mean, there’s a reason why Portuguese sailors once referred to it as “The Gates of Hell.”

It’s called the Skeleton Coast because of the whale and seal bones that once littered the shore from the whaling industry.

Although the coast is also home to many shipwrecks as well.

More than a thousand vessels found their final resting place here.

(via list25)

So beautiful but so, so scary. I don’t think I’ll be planning any vacations out there any time soon, but I think I’ll keep admiring the pictures of the people who do make the trek.

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