Gird Your Loins And Gather The Courage To Cross This Glass Bridge.

I’m afraid of heights, just like the other 10% of the population. I have tried everything to overcome it: jumping out of planes and off buildings. I even took trapeze lessons. Nothing has worked so far. (Admittedly, these things required someone to kick me in the butt, but I did it!)

However, there’s NO WAY I’ll ever cross this bridge in China. It’s not happening!

With a floor composed entirely of glass, tourists can walk on air and live their fears…

…Just don’t count on me to buy a ticket anytime soon.

At over 95 meters long, and 180 meters high in Hunan, China, I don’t think there’s a kick in the butt hard enough to get me across.

(via Shanghaiist)

I think you understand my fear now. But are you ready to take the challenge? Because you’re welcome to take my spot in line!

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