This Dog Was Rescued From A Puppy Mill And She’s The Sweetest Thing Ever.

Puppy mills have a horrible reputation for a reason. These shady companies care more about their profits than they do for conditions of their animals. New owners who buy pups from them often discover their precious pet is suffering from serious health issues.

That was the case for this sweet Cavalier King Charles Spaniel rescued from terrible conditions. Now going by Toast, she had to have her teeth removed soon after rescue. As a result, her tongue tends to wag out of the right side of her mouth. But that just makes her all the more adorable.  

She needs her beauty rest.

She keeps tabs on what’s going on in the media.

She rocks shades in the park.

She’s the perfect princess.

She loves to hang out with buddies.

She even has a few famous friends!

She has the best red carpet style.

These pumpkins weren’t up to her standards.

She starts her days just like the rest of us.

She has relaxing evenings at home.

You can never have too much beauty sleep.

(H/T: Design Taxi.)

You couldn’t ask for a more gorgeous girl! You can read more about Toast on her website, and follow her adventures on Instagram.

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