This Wild Rescue Could Have Ended In Disaster, But Thankfully, It Didn’t.

An eight-year-old Asiatic lion in Gujarat, India fell into a 60 ft well. Luckily, local residents were able to act quickly and save the poor creature’s life.

You have to credit the locals for their bravery here. It’s hard enough to rescue anything from a well that deep, let alone a beast that wouldn’t think twice before taking a chunk out of the very arm you’ve extended to help it. Ultimately, they had to tranquilize the lion, but that only eliminated danger of getting eaten. There was still all that water to deal with. Take a look at this daring rescue.

The lion in the well.

Going up.


Watch this video of the rescue below.

(via Mirror)

What an amazing rescue! As if it wasn’t impressive enough, there are only about 200-260 Asiatic lions in the Middle East. Way to go, guys!

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