A Celebrity Look-Alike Helped Take Down a Homophobe in the Dallas Airport.

A homophobic man was tackled to the ground in a Dallas area airport after attacking a man wearing a pink shirt. After someone filmed the incident, Twitter exploded when people noticed what looked like famous actor Paul Rudd in the background as one of the helpful onlookers.

But was it really him?

The man can first be heard saying to the offender: “What are you upset about?”
“Queers is what I’m upset about!” The homophobic man shouted back in a thick southern accent. “This f***** right here.”

Immediately after kicking and punching him, the crowd of on-lookers, including PAUL RUDD, jumped into action. Or did he…

The man was not, in fact, Paul Rudd. He was just one of the best celebrity look-alikes the world has ever seen.

You have to see this nutjob in action…and how this crowd restored my faith in the South.

Although Mr. Rudd confirmed that it was not him at the airport (he was thousands of miles away rooting for his Kansas City Royals to win the World Series), we thank him for being awesome. Because if there are more Paul Rudd look-alikes out there saving the world, that’s fine by us.

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