This Tiny Horse May Be Small In Size, But He’s Enormously Cute.

This tiny horse in England might be the smallest in the world, but what he lacks in size he more than makes up for in total adorableness.

His name is Acer and he stands at only 22 inches tall. Most horses born with dwarfism, especially in cases as extreme as Acer, are sadly put down due to the health issues that are usually present… But his owner Maureen O’Sullivan wouldn’t let that happen to this little guy.

Acer lives with Maureen at her miniature horse farm in Essex.


His best friend is the family dog, Demon, who is a tad taller than him.


He has his regular-sized stable with one modification: an Acer-sized stable door. Maureen wanted to make sure he could look out into the barn like the rest of the horses.

But unlike the other horses, Acer welcome in the house.


Maureen says he loves to watch TV, “He just stands there staring at it.”

They have only had to deal with one health issue in his three years so far.


His hooves require special treatment which has cost Maureen quite a bit of money.

But keeping this cutie healthy is worth every penny.


(via Mirror.)

Though she said he hasn’t done anything “naughty” while in the house, they do make sure to keep a close eye on him. You can find more information and adorable pictures of Acer on Maureen’s website.

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