A Dying Little Girl Was Given Everything She Wanted In Her Last Days.

When you have children, you constantly worry. You fear they will get bullied at school, or they won’t even get into a good school. Most parents experience a lot of sleepless nights when it comes to worrying about their kids. Typically, this kind of extreme fear and worry amount to nothing. Your children will grow up to be who they were meant to be, and no amount of worrying will change that.

Sometimes, tragedy strikes. Sometimes a parent’s worst fear really happens. Emma Whitfield experienced her worst nightmare, but wait til you see what happened…

Emma Whitfield was the mother of a beautiful young girl named Evie, who sadly passed away from a brain tumor.

After learning the news that her daughter had only months to live, Emma made the choice not to tell Evie about her fate. Instead she wanted to do everything possible for her in what time she had left.

So to find out what those things would be, she asked Evie what she’d want to do if she was Queen. And then she went to work, and made them happen.

Evie would spend the next several months of her life doing amazing things. From going to Legoland to even meeting One Direction.

She even got her own dog, and did everything imaginable that her daughter wanted to experience.

Over the course of the next ten months of her, just up until her death, the two ticked off everything on the list.

Evie never knew the real purpose on the list. She never needed to know.

Until one day, held her in mother’s arms, she quietly passed away.

But not before days before, demanding to go into town with her father to buy a Pandora bracelet for her mother’s upcoming birthday, which was wrapped.

Although she wasn’t able to live to see her mother open the present, Emma waited patiently to open it on her birthday.

To receive the forever gift from her beautiful child.

(H/T Hull Daily Mail / BuzzFeed)

No parent should ever have to experience the loss of a child… but Emma made her her daughter was happy in her final days, even if she was slowly slipping away.

Since Evie passed away, an organization has been set up to help children afflicted by similar brain tumors. It’s something that’s incredibly easy to donate to, and we hope you do. Perhaps together, we can one day together help children just like Evie stay her her incredibly loving and devoted mother.

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