This Super Cute Sea Lion Patiently Waited In Line For Some Delicious Fresh Fish.

The fishmonger at this Santa Cruz Island fish stall isn’t surprised to see this unusual client stop by for some scraps, but the fellow customers definitely find it a bit odd.

As one of the famed Galapagos Islands where Charles Darwin did his research on animals and evolution, the locals have grown to expect an element of the wild their day to day life. However, tourists were a little taken aback and snapped these photos of the sea lion who patiently waited her turn for some fresh fish.

Captured on camera by Columbian tourist Kristhian Castro, she inspects the scraps she hopes to chow down on.

Castro explained that she expected to see wildlife during her visit, but not quite like this.

“it was so surprising to see that the animals there are not afraid of humans.”

Situated just over 8 feet away from the sea, it’s no wonder this curious girl wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

Locals will interact with their sea friends, but are careful not to touch or spook them on their visits out of water.

Castro says the sea lion waited for about an hour for a few bites.

Perching on her back flippers, she acted just like an ordinary customer.

(via Daily Mail.) 

The fish of the day included Wizzard Fish and Bigeye tuna. After receiving some yummy scraps, she sauntered her way back to the sea. Something tells me she’ll be back for more, though.

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